Diamond Park Homes specializes in constructing the highest quality park model RV’s. By doing so, we are constantly breaking through new ceilings in hand-building the most innovative, energy efficient, custom park model homes on the market. Our park home purchasing process is rather easy. First, you design a floor plan that fits your wants and needs exactly while still retaining its RV classification by following RV Park Model Home building codes. Second, you then go through a Diamond Park Homes specified option sheet that consists of multiple pages of options that will come together to design your ideal park home. Last, you choose every finish possible. You will then be able to choose the finish of your exterior, interior, cabinet finish/wood material, roofing, countertops, appliances, etc. to fit your exact desires. By going through Diamond Park Homes, you not only get a park model that is built to your exact specifications, you also get a park model home that is constructed to stand tall and strong. Our Park Model Homes are built with the sturdiness of a bull and stand solid. Every aspect of the construction going into your park home will be built with the best materials, sparing no structural short cuts. Your park home will be constructed with materials that could be described as energy efficiency meeting impeccable structure. Care to see what we mean? Schedule a time to come tour our Diamond Park Homes Factory and see what our Park Model Home RV’s are all about.

Diamond Park Homes Everlasting Park Model Quality